We specialize in starting and training useful and reliable mounts for a wide variety of disciplines from ranch work to polo.

We usually have a few horses for sale at any given time. Each of our horses has its own photo album.



Walnut is a 2012 AQHA brown gelding. He's a son of Paddys Irish Whiskey out of a Plagun bred mare. A horse like this doesn't come around very often, he is the total package. He has the conformation and presence to turn heads wherever he goes and he has the athletic ability and talent to be successful in any number of disciplines. He has been used to gather, pen, and sort cattle. He has been roped off of outside and is super cowy and knows how to work a rope. He is very good in rough county, never puts a foot wrong. Ride out alone or leave the group and he is the same horse. Tie him up and he will stand quietly. He has been started roping the hot heels in the arena. He stands exactly 15 hands and weighs approximately 1100 pounds. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/wr+special+whiskey. Videos available at https://youtu.be/Dk2f0HaQxZ0 and https://youtu.be/e6HzoIzWGOc. Walnut is sold pending pickup.

Seamus is a 2013 AQHA bay gelding off the McPhail Ranch and carries their brands. He has that wonderful short bulldog build, he stands right at 14.1 hands and built right. He's a grandson of Paddys Irish Whiskey out of a Jessie James bred mare. He's bay with two blue eyes. He rides around really well, knows his leads, has nice fluid transitions and a hard stop. He's super gentle but not a dead head and has get up and go when asked. We are really enjoying using him on the ranch. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/mc+blue+eyed+bay

Squirt is a yearling gelding off the McPhail Ranch. We have really enjoyed all our McPhail horses and Squirt is a neat little guy. He's actually as tall as our two year olds and should mature around 15.1. He is by a son of Paddys Irish Whiskey and out of a Playboys Buck Fever / Tanquery Gin mare. He's a friendly good natured gelding and is a nice prospect if someone is looking for a horse to start their own way. He has nice conformation and a sweet face. Squirt is offered for sale for $3000 but we won't be disappointed if he sticks around to be started next year. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/paddy+o+gin



Ragtop is a 2015 AQHA sorrel filly. She is by Sixes Pick and should mature into a shorter stockier type mare. She has been started and is a super talented filly. She is bred to eat up a cow and certainly has the look. She's a nice prospect. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/rags+pick

Pound Cake is a 2010 AQHA palomino mare. She's a beefy 15 1/2 hands and 1300 pounds. We purchased her for a broodmare prospect and will be starting her this summer to see if she ticks all the boxes for us. So far she has been gentle and easy to work with, getting shod and saddled for the first time ever in the same day. Extdended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/irish+fan+dancer

Wake Up Call is a 2012 AQHA grey gelding. He is a full brother to Snooze and has the same sire as Circus and Angry Bird. He is our project horse as we are having to restart him. The horses with this bloodline are not pets and need a job and country to cover when they are first started. They are tough horses that can handle a days work and thrive on it. Once good and broke they will do anything for you. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/hollywoodstardom



Angry Bird is a 2014 AQHA bay filly. She is by the same sire as Circus and Snooze so we have high hopes for her. She is started and coming along well. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/dolans+easy+gal

Baby Zoo is our freebie colt we got out of Maypearl and sired by Sig. Little did we know when we bought Maypearl as a three year old that she would foal only a few months later. Luckily we were able to confirm Sig was the sire and get papers for Baby Zoo. He has been started and has about 20 rides and while he is nothing to look at he is riding really nicely and a good mix of both parents. He should make a great ranch horse. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/baby+zoo

Chalk is a super gentle but green draft cross. Chalk has a job here as assitant colt starter. He is the smoothest trotting horse we have and is a wonderful trail horse, point him and he goes. 

Circus is a 2008 AQHA gelding. He is Cecilia's personal horse and he is not for sale, he has become the go-to horse for any job that needs to be done. Extended pedigree available at www.allbreedpedigree.com/hildas+little+king


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